Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diverse lomo equipments (LC-A+)

I think the most attractive advantages of lomography are not only about its extraordinary concept but it also connects tightly with diverse camera equipments you can use with reasonable prices. Different lomo cameras can bring completely different special effects on films. Within this blog I am going to introduce several basic camera equipments of magic lomo world and I hope it will give you general understanding of what is exactly going on here.
I would like to start with the superstar one of Lomography world-----LC-A+ which is the successful replacement of LC-A. What could be better than the most original one ? The answer is definitely LC-A+. It is the one gives initial inspiration to lomographers and creates inundant trend of lomography life style.
The full name of LC-A+ is Lomo Kompakt Automat and its original one LC-A was firstly introduced in St Petersburg, Russia in 1982 and the design was based on Consina CX-2. It was considered as compact camera with fixed lens, 35mm film, leaf shutter and zone focus.The specialty of LC-A+ is to take photos with radiant color and shadowy vignette corners. However, nowadays as the development of lomography, the increasingly number of various LC-A+ camera with special functions are produced for particular requirement. i will provide most prevalent LC-A+ cameras in following paragrahs with brief features and effect pictures.

• Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens
• Multiple exposure switch for easy, real-time double-exposures
• Expanded film ISO settings from 100 to 1600
• Cable release thread for shake-free nighttime and indoor shooting
• Hot shoe for external flash
• New hinge for easy interchangeability between film back and LC-A Instant Back+
Effect photos:

2:LOMO LC-A+ KRAB (allow you to take photos underwater)
• campatibility: LC-A+ camera
• Maximum Depth: 65 feet

Effect photos:

3.LC-A+ FISHEYE ADAPTOR (distortion)
Allow you to get nearly circular image on 35mm films
• Size: 1.25” x 1.7”
• Lens: Japanese, multi-coated glass
• Material: Titanium
• Mount: Magnetic
Effect photos:
4.LOMO LC-A+ SPLITZER (dice your images!)
• two spinning blades inside
• requires special LC-A+ front grooves
• dice image into halves, thirds, quarters, whatever you want.

Effect photos:


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